COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics in Schools

Dear Lakehead Public Schools families,

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has arranged for COVID-19 vaccination clinics to be held in schools to provide ease of access to eligible students aged five to 11 to receive their first dose during school hours (with parental consent). Only schools that have received signed consent forms from parents and guardians are provided with a vaccination clinic. If you would like your child to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at school and do not see your child’s school in the list below, please download the consent form, complete it, and send it to the school. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit will arrange for a vaccination clinic to be held at your child’s school shortly thereafter. The following list indicates schools that have a COVID-19 vaccination clinic scheduled. Parents and guardians who are interested in knowing more are encouraged to view the Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s two-page letter for details: Download letter.


  • January 31 – C.D. Howe Public School
  • February 1 – Ogden Community School
  • February 2 – Ecole Elsie MacGill Public School
  • February 4 – Woodcrest Public School
  • February 7 – Kakabeka Falls Public School
  • February 9 – Algonquin Avenue Public School
  • February 9 – Ecole Gron Morgan Public School
  • February 10 – Gorham & Ware Community School
  • February 10 – Five Mile Public School
  • February 15 – Claude E. Garton Public School
  • February 15 – McKenzie Public School
  • February 16 – Westmount Public School
  • February 16 – McKellar Park Central Public School
  • February 17 – Kingsway Park Public School
  • February 22 – Algonquin Avenue Public School
  • February 24 – Kakabeka Falls Public School
  • March 3 – Whitefish Valley Public School
  • March 8 – St. James Public School
  • March 10 – Sherbrooke Public School
  • March 10 – Ogden Community Public School